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August 11, 2012
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The message began with some static...

- Doctor's log, day 23, time of day: 1200 hours. I have finished the device... The men have for long wondered what goes inside that... THINGS' mind... If this message is to get into the hands of a stranger, allow me to explain: for long now the Red Team has proudly defended the base... The men always had a good spirit (and hearts, thanks to me). But... That all changed soon...

.. One day, the Headquarters got a series of messages, claiming that someone has been burning our foes, the Blue Team... Scorched bodies pinned into unhumane poses, impaled with spears, chopped into itsy bitsy pieces... No-one knew who did that...

.. Until IT finally arrived...

-sigh- It came to us, simply knocked on the door... Wearing that.. That gasmask, preventing us from hearing its true voice.. I-I do not wish to reminisce that day any more than I have to... He just stepped in, and everyone felt it... A horrible, HORRIBLE fear, pure TERROR... All he did was enter, walk straight to the lockers and sit there until the next mission began... No-one dared to ask who or what it was, not to mention what it wanted.. Himmel, even Heavy himself was afraid to go even near. Und then, the mission began...

Until then our top slayer had been either Heavy or Scout, but... IT was something more... A full carnage it was... No-one was spared from the Pyro's wrath.

.. Not even our own.

-sigh- Poor Sniper... Always such a stubborn man... He shouldn't have gone too near, claiming that it was in the way... His head simply rolled on the floor after that...

.. After his death, the men wanted Pyro gone... But he wouldn't leave. As if he couldn't understand what we said! Und that appeared true...

Time has passed since then. Now, I may have the solution. Maybe we can finally know what lies inside the head of that... That... THING... I have named these the Pyrovision Goggles. I had Scout try them first... Poor boy... We had to put him out, for he... Was clawing his own eyes out... I am going to destroy the goggles. Perhaps we are not to know what lies inside...

.. But... It would be a shame to never know such a thing, ja..? It could be valuable, scientifically thinking... Perhaps I should try them on before letting them go...

.. Yes, maybe...

The message stopped, and more static was heard. Until, another message began:

- Doctor's log, day 23, time of day: 1223 hours... This is Soldier speaking. -sigh- Unfortunately, Doc is... Gone. Shot his own head off. He was wearing these goggles while dying. I am going to make sure they are destroyed myself. No-one is ever going to- URGH!

.. A thump and rattling, then some laughing... French laughing...

- Hon hon hon... Mon ami, these goggles are a fine add to the Blue team... Too bad you never got to see what happens next...

>End of message

Pyrovisionby SirThanksalot97

Literature / Prose / Fiction / Horror / Short Stories©2012-2014 SirThanksalot97
Something I thought of while mowing the lawn...

I know I cannot request critique, so I'll do it here. Someone, please rate this.

I do not own Team fortress 2 or the Pyro logo. Pyro, Doctor etc. are characters owned by Valve.
.... Sadly.
witchcat2012 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2013
Yikes...Kinda bloody... 
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